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                  SLon Magnetic Separator Ltd. is a leading supplier, producer, manufacturer of high gradient magnetic separators (HGMS) and wet high intensity magnetic separators (WHIMS). It designs, develops, manufactures and markets magnetic separation equipment for beneficiating weakly magnetic minerals, and for purifying non-metallic minerals.

            SLon Magnetic Separator Ltd. specializes in magnetic separation technology and equipment since 1960s. It became a leading provider of WHIMS in China in 1980s, and it has become a leading supplier of high gradient magnetic separators since 1990s.  

                 The SLon-1000,  SLon-1250,  SLon-1500,  SLon-1750, SLon-2000 and SLon-2500 have developed. The maximum feed capacity is up to 120t/h. Owing to its unique design and its excellent performance for mineral beneficiation, SLon VPHGMS has successfully applied in over 80 mineral processing plants in China, such as Qidashan Mineral Processing Plant, Gushan Iron Mine, Panzhihua Ilmenite Processing Plant, Meishan Iron Mine, Luoci Iron Mine, and also exported to the world's richest mining country - South Africa. Presently more than 400 SLon separators of different sizes are in industrial operation.

            SLon VPHGMS is suitable for processing fine, weakly magnetic minerals, such as hematite, limonite, ilmenite, manganese, wolframite, tantalum-niobium, and etc. It is also suitable for removing iron and titanium from non-metallic minerals such as quartz, feldspar, nephline, fluorite, ceramic material, and etc.

            We strive to supply our customers with high quality and reliable products at very competitive prices. At SLon Magnetic Separator Ltd., our motto is "Best Products & Satisfied Services."

                  Add.: Shahe Industrial Park, Ganzhou City,Jiangxi Province, China

                   P.C.: 341000

                   Tel.: +86-797-7189682

                   Fax: +86-797-8188036

                   E-mail: slon@slon.com.cn slon1988@yahoo.com.cn

                  To aid in our global endeavors, SLon has partnered with Outotec, a worldwide technology leader in minerals and metals processing, providing innovative tailored solutions for a wide variety of customer needs in the iron and steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals industries.

                  Outotec is responsible for our customers in Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union, Australia, and is partnering in many other areas of the world. Outotec has five pilot-scale units available for testing around the world, as well as lab testing capabilities in Jessup, MD, USA.
                  Contact Outotec:
                  Outotec (USA) Inc.
                  8280 Stayton Drive Ste M
                  Jessup, MD 20794 USA
                  Tel. +1 301 543 1200
                  Fax +1 301 543 0002        

          ADD:Ganzhou Shahe Industrial Park  TEL:+86-797-8186449  FAX:+86-797-7307127 Email:IBD@slon.com.cn;autoslon@qq.com;slon@slon.com.cn
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