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                  SLon vertical ring and pulsating high gradient magnetic separator utilizes the combined force field of magnetism, pulsating fluid and gravity to beneficiate weakly magnetic minerals with the advantages of large beneficial ratio, high recovery, matrix not easy to be blocked and excellent performance.We have developed SLon-500, SLon-750, SLon-1000, SLon-1250, SLon-1500, SLon-1750,SLon-2000 and SLon-2500 VP HGMS. Now more than 400 of them have been successfully applied in China, and export to Peru.

                  In the following some examples are given of SLon separators applied in industry.

          Application in Qi Dashan Mineral processing Plant in Anshan



                  The iron ore consists of magnetite and hematite. In 2001, six SLon-1750 magnetic separators are applied to control the tails grade of fine hematite. The results of the flowsheet is: feed grade 30.15%Fe, concentrate grade 67.50%Fe, iron recovery 76%. The results set up the historic high record of this plant and the processing coast is greatly reduced.




           Application in Donganshan Mineral Processing Plant to beneficiate hematite



                  Donganshan Mineral Processing Plant processes 4.7 million tons of iron ore per year. Hematite and magnetite are the main iron minerals. The new flowsheet consists of gravity separation, magnetic separation, and reverse-flotation flowsheet. 20 SLon-1750 magnetic separators are used to control the grade of tailing. The final iron concentrate is above 64%Fe.  




          Application in Diao Juntai Iron Ore Processing Plant in Anshan



                  The plant each year treat 9.0 million tons oxidized iron ore consisting of magnetite and hematite. Now 15 SLon-2000 are applied to combine with reverse flotation. The results of the flowsheet are: feed grade 30.50%Fe, concentrate grade 67.50%Fe, tails grade 11.12%Fe, iron recovery 76.07%.




          Application in Gushan Iron Mine of Ma Anshan Iron and steel Company



                  There are 9 SLon-1750 and 4 SLon-1500 magnetic separators applied in this mine to treat refractory hematite ore. The feeding grade is about 45%Fe. The final iron concentrate grade is about 60%Fe and the iron recovery is about 76%. The results are much better than the previous gravity flowsheet.




          Application in Meishan Iron Mine of Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Company



                  The mined ore consists of magnetite, hematite and siderite. Because of a relatively high content of phosphorus, the iron concentrate could not meet the market requirements. Now 18 SLon-1500 magnetic separators are applied to reduce phosphorus, which is reduced from about 0.4%P to 0.246%P. The quality of iron concentrate is greatly upgraded.



          Applied in Hai Nan Iron Mine



                  5 Slon-2000, 5 SLon-1750, 5 SLon-1500 have been applied and other 8 SLon-1750 is going to be applied to beneficiate Hai Nan oxidized iron ore. The feed is ground to around 95% -200 mesh. The processing flowsheet is whole magnetic separation. The mags of LIMS and the Mags of SLon-2000 cleaning is the final concentrate. The total results of the flowsheet are: feed grade 51.09% Fe, iron concentrate grade 64.57% Fe, Fe recovery 88.01%.




          Application in Peru Iron Mine of Shougang Hierro Peru S.A.A



                  In early 2004, 2 SLon-1750 are applied to beneficiate hematite. The results of the flowsheet are: feed grade 55.20%Fe, concentrate grade 65.09%Fe, tails grade 28.10%Fe, iron recovery 86.39%. Other 2 SLon-1750 will be stalled in this plant in 2005.





          Application in Panzhihua Ilmenite Processing Plant



                  In the past, the -0.045mm ilmenite fraction was discarded in to the tails because of lack of high efficient equipment. In 2001, the plant built up a magnetic-flotation flowsheet to recover the fine ilmenite from the -0.045mm fraction with 6 SLon-1500 magnetic separators. The total results are: feed grade 11%TiO2, concentrate grade≥47% TiO2, recovery 44%. Each year the flowsheet recovers 250,000t fine ilmenite concentrate.




          Application in Panzhihua Ilmenite Processing Plant



                  3 SLon-1500 VP HGMS are applied to recover ilmenite from Panzhihua tails, 2 of them are used as rougher and the other is used as cleaner. The total results of this flowsheet are: feed grade 7.68% TiO2, ilmenite concentrate grade 47.66% TiO2, TiO2 recovery 31.19%. Each year 30,000 tons of ilmenite concentrates of good quality are produced.





                  All of the applications demonstrate that SLon VP HGMS is highly advanced equipment. It has been widely applied in China to beneficiate hematite, siderite, ilmenite and to purify feldspar, nephline, quartz and other nonmetallic minerals.

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