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          Applications in non-metallic minerals




                  In 2001, a SLon-1500 magnetic separator was applied for purifying the feldspar in Fujian Province. Fe2O3 in the feldspar can be reduce from 0.49~0.64% to 0.15~0.18% Fe2O3.

                  In 1998, a SLon-1250 magnetic separator was applied to build a feldspar processing plant in Anhui Province. The Fe2O3 in the feldspar concentrate is reduced to 0.26% from 1.48% in the feed ore.

                  In 2000, a SLon-1250 was applied to purify nephline in Sichuan Province. The Fe2O3 in the concentrate is reduced to 0.18% from 1.69% in the feed ore after one roughing and one cleaning.

                  In 2000, a SLon-1500 was applied in a quartz processing plant in Jiangxi Province. The Fe2O3 is reduced to 0.02% in the concentrate from 0.10% in the feed ore.




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          ADD:Ganzhou Shahe Industrial Park  TEL:+86-797-8186449  FAX:+86-797-7307127 Email:IBD@slon.com.cn;autoslon@qq.com;slon@slon.com.cn
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