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Polar Bears: A wildifeHD Exclusive!
Live streaming and High Definition

Polar bears are now living on the shores of Hudson Bay waiting for the first cold days of winter. Once frozen, the Bay will become a highway to the Arctic where the bears will hunt ringed and bearded seals.

WildlifeHD is living on the tundra with the bears, and along with SeeMore Wildlife Sysytems, we've built a different sort of highway. It's a digital highway that delivers live and HD video of the beautiful bears to the world.

© Daniel J. Cox/NaturalExposures
We've connected a very tricked-out Tundra Buggy ™ to the Internet. Through a 45mb wireless link, you can now see live streaming video of polar bears on the National Geographic website, and you can see our 1080p HD polar bear footage at the Apple HD Gallery.

It's all part of a larger effort led by Polar Bears International to increase awareness about polar bears. Frontiers North's Tundra Buggy® Adventure provides access to wild polar bears and Buggy One. Lisa, Eli and Daniel (the frozen Zatz family) are living on Buggy One along with our production and uplink equipment.

Join us live for streaming on the web at National Geographic

See our HD highlights at Apple's HD Gallery.
View the most recent HD video clips by clicking here. Each week we post new highlights
Having trouble seeing the bears?
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From sunny and warm to -15C:
How we got stuck volunteering for this. Learn how the project evolved and who's participating.

Are Polar Bears OK?
Polar bears are beautiful, and we might still have them in fifty years if we act now. The ice they walk upon is disappearing along with the common sense of our political leaders. Climate change is impacting the bears. Learn more about the polar bear story here.

Zatz Family- Eli, Daniel & Lisa
Behind the scenes Building Buggy One and the link. See how the genius mechanics at Tundra Buggies customized Buggy One, see Sheldon Pollichuk climb a 197' radio tower in a 60 knot blizzard to install a radio link, and join the Zatz's on Buggy One.

I want to see polar bears now!
See them for yourself! Check out Tundra Buggies Adventures (They don't pay us for this endorsement-- but we really endorse them! A super great trip.)

Got pictures?
Looking for amazing polar bear pictures? Daniel Cox is with us, and he's one of the best. Really. See his polar bear work at NaturalExposures.com

Real Tec:
What's driving the video system and digital link? How does it work? Learn more here.


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